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Privacy Policy

Antony James Lettings Ltd respect your privacy and will ensure all data you provide is held securely. It will be necessary to share certain data with other organisations and individuals in the ways we state below.

Information you provide when enquiring about our services, properties we are marketing, or any other interaction may be used to contact you and to provide relevant information.

We will collect and process personal information relevant to the service we are providing, lawfully and transparently. Your private information will be used to confirm your identity, ownership of property, your financial status, employment status, your right to reside in the United Kingdom and your suitability to rent a property.

We may share your information with referencing companies, credit rating agencies, your employer and previous landlords to process an application and will obtain your permission to do so. Relevant information will be provided to your landlord to process your application and to manage the tenancy. We may be required to share your information with the Home Office, HMRC and Local Government Departments. We will provide information to the council Tax Office, United Utilities and energy suppliers when moving you into and out of a property.

We will provide contractors with your contact details to allow them to make an appointment to complete various tasks during a tenancy.

We will never sell your information or distribute your information to third parties without obtaining your permission to do so, unless required to do so by law. We may use your personal information to provide you with information we thank may be of interest to you, if you provide us with your permission to do so.